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released October 7, 2012

Copyright 2012 Tadashi.


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Tadashi Chicago

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Track Name: Paradise
Can we be strong?
And take on the fall
So close to the sea
We're praying that
None of this is real
'Cause it sure seems we can't overcome it all
Eyes to the sky
As we start to drown
Do we believe
That we are to blame for everything?
'Cause it sure seems we can't overcome it all
We had paradise
In our palms
Foolish we would hold it for so long

And I'm still here
Watching water climb the shore
Watching precious memories go

I'm here
But I'm just a ghost tonight
Watching my world change
Watching the tidal waves
Crash over everything
And it's taking paradise away, away

We remain
Just a shell of what we used to be
Remember when we found this place?
Blinded by the light, and blinded by our greed
We let the diamonds go to waste

And we're still here
Watching water climb the shore

Absorbing the fall
We start a new life
But can we accept
We lost paradise?
Track Name: Free
Heaven always smiled on you
Even when these hells dragged you down
So embrace this opportunity
Turn back to what it used to be
And hold the mercy preciously now

'Cause you are free
To walk this earth again
And show your face around this little town
This used to be your home
And you are free
To relive memories
Of all the good before the bad went down
But this place is still your home to me
To me

Look into their eyes and say,
I'm a better soul, than my record indicates
So spare me just a little pain
Second chances don't mean anything
If no one here believes that I have changed,
If no one here believes that I have changed

Yea nobody said the road home would be simple
Every little step you take
Still feels a thousand miles away
Don't ever wake your demons
Where everyone can see
'Cause everyone is watching, watching

So set yourself free...
Track Name: End of Time
Lock the door, we'll never speak again
To our friends
Chase the key with poison left to drink
There's nothing else
And tension's in the air
The fog so thick we can't exhale
So crack the windows just to see

All the poets in the sky
As the stars align
We kiss to say goodbye
This umbrella's going to break
And fold down
We face the end of time

We watch these candles melting down
But we can see our future, clear
The flames, they steal our oxygen
But we believe
That soon we'll meet our Gods
We will rise above the fog
So crack the windows just to see

We start to wonder what it's like
On the other side
As heavens rain on down
In this mortal, fragile world
The blackened skies will show

These human bodies will be lost
But our spirits never stop
These human bodies will be lost
But our spirits never stop
Our spirits carry on
Track Name: Colors
I'm so lost
When you've gone, and flown away
Your revelations change me
Lighting your true face
You are
The solution to my burning needs
But can I cross the frozen seas
And fly among your wake?
Am I ready for this?
Am I young enough to live, one time?

Am I brave enough to see
There's no color around me
And no matter what I do
I'm fading without you

I know
That the pain is all behind me now
I climb above, I can't look down
I try to reach your place
And I'll carry on
And try to start this second life
'Cause every time I look behind
The darkness still remains
And it's haunting me again

Should I stop everything
And cross every cold sea
Just to get a glimpse of you
I'm nothing without you

All of the words that I never knew
All of their mysteries
All of the colors I never saw
I see with you

Come take me away
Show me your light
Come take me away
Your colors so bright
Track Name: House of Ghosts
This house of ghosts
It used to be full
But now I am living alone
When I sleep
They're haunting me
These robbers are watching my dreams

And I see all the memories clear
Just praying that they'll disappear
I wonder what caused all the fear
That cast you so distant from here

So I ask
When did you go?
When did you go?
You leave me alone
In this house that we built with our souls

And only time
Can tell us if we were right
To separate the yolk from the white
We left our true colors, far behind

And I don't know, who I should blame
Is it you and your lust for the fame?
Is it me and the cards that I played?
Or do demons know both of our names?

Can you tell me how it feels
When the walls begin to collapse?
And the good times start to fade
A small reminder that
This house was built on fragile glass

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